Magikarp Jump: My New Game Addiction

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What is Magikarp Jump?

Magikarp Jump is a new Pokemon based game from The Pokemon Company in which the goal is to raise Magikarps to jump as high as they can in competitions. That’s it. It’s an extremely simple premise for a surprisingly addictive game.

The Basics

You live in town that greatly values the generally useless, but no less loved, Pokemon, Magikarp. The goal of the game is to become a champion Magikarp trainer, working hard to train your Magikarp to jump higher than any other.

Leveling up Magikarp is simple. Through feeding you Magikarp the food that pops up in its pond, and doing training exercises, you are able to level up your Magikarp to its max level. (This level is determined by your rank, so the higher your rank, the higher your Magikarp’s max level.)

Once your Magikarp reaches its max level, you are required to compete with it until it loses, and is then granted to honor of retiring and seeming in the background of your pond. You then fish up another Magikarp to train and do it all over again.

The Catch (hehe)

Not all of your Magikarp are going to make it to retirement, however, and this is actually one of my favorite aspects of the game. As you play, random events will occur. Some of them just give you coins, items, or extra training points, however, there are many that can end badly for your Magikarp. In these, the trainer is given a choice between doing an action, or backing away. Backing away will give you JP the majority of the time, yet the possible benefits of going through with it, (i.e. a ton of JP vs. getting snatched by a Pidgeotto) are sometimes worth the risk.

So yes, your Magikarp can die, but this gives the game an element of danger and risk that most other Pokemon games don’t have. Losing your Magikarp also leads to you getting a decent amount of XP (since are apparently learning from your mistakes) and you get to fish for a new Magikarp, taking the sting off of losing your buddy. And, for the more heartless players (i.e. me) this can also be seen as a rather strategic move if you want to gain ranks faster since you can gain a pretty substantial amount of XP if you lose a higher level Magikarp.

My Review

This game is quite delightful, and it’s about time the Magikarp got some love. Despite Magikarp’s uselessness in the actual Pokemon games, this little fish has managed to win a small place in our hearts, most likely because of the sheer effort it takes to evolve it in the game gives us a huge since of accomplishment as our hours of throwing it out, and bringing it back in (in the old games anyway) are finally rewarded with one of the best Pokemon in the game.

So it would make sense that the makers of Pokemon would want to honor this often irritating yet lovable Pokemon with its own game. And man is it addicting.

The game is very easy, making it the perfect game to play when your bored but want something relatively mindless to do, and since food pops up every second or so, it can keep you mindlessly entertained for some time. Like many games, there is a time element to it in that some things, once you run out of them, take time to recharge. It takes 30 minutes to get back a Training Point (of which you are allowed three) and an hour and a half to regain a League Point to continue with your campaign. Obviously, you are able to purchase, and sometimes win, items that will restore these things, but I personally find these to be a good way to get me away from the game for a while and come back when everything is reloaded.

The random events add a new element to the game that many games I’ve played don’t have, and that’s a sense of risk. Many of the events simply have people come up to you and give you money or TP. However, there a few that will either take away JP or even kill your Magikarp if you decide to go with the riskier option. All of these events have a ‘safe’ option in which nothing bad will happen to your Magikarp, however the riskier option can lead to some seriously beneficial perks (high JP, diamonds, or lots of coins) that at times it’s pretty worth it to take the risk. Like I said above, even if you lose your Magikarp, you get XP for it and simply get to fish for a new one.

However, one of the standout things about this game is that you can really play it without spending actual money. You use coins to buy different types of food and training exercises, as well as leveling them up to get you more JP from them. And since coins are incredibly easy to come by, you end up having more coins than you know what to do with (much like in the Pokemon games where you win mass amounts of money from battles to the point that you are basically rolling in money). The diamonds are harder to come by, which are used to buy the big tickets items, and real money has to be used to get more, however, the game does a great job of giving you a lot of opportunities to gain diamonds, unlike many other games where it becomes very difficult to get the currency that requires money.

Overall, this has been one of my favorite phone app games, and I’ve played a lot of them. I’m kind of a phone game junkie. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a game that’s simple, oddly addicting, and celebrates one the of most beloved/hated Pokemon.


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