WWE Payback: The Good, the Bad, and the Eh


After weeks of teasing, we finally got to see what the heck a House of Horros match was, and got a glimpse of the future of RAW. So how did it go? Let’s look at the good, the bad, and the eh moments of Payback 2017.

The Good

Neville vs Aries

I expected this match to be good, and it didn’t disappoint. Neville and Aries always put on a good show, and I was personally a fan of Neville winning dirty. I had predicted an Aries win, but I’m cool with this feud continuing for a little while longer.

Roman vs Braun

I’m actually surprised that I’m putting this in the good section. I certainly wasn’t expecting to. I wanted Braun the win, but expected Roman to, so it was a nice surprise. Also, Roman has been taking some insane pumps in this feud, so major props to him. The match itself is fun to watch, both men did well, and the outcome what it should have been. Thumbs up.

The Bad 

House of Horrors

This was either going to be a beautiful disaster, or just a disaster, and I think if fell more in the realm of just plain disaster than not and left me with a lot of questions. This may be mostly because of the less than stellar ending. There shouldn’t have been interference in this match considering how this was the culmination of a feud that has been going on for some time. Having it come down to Jinder interfering, who had nothing to do with this feud, just felt empty and vaguely annoying.

On top of that, having the match take place elsewhere and then having to interrupt it with another match so that they can get back to the ring was not the best way to go about this. Especially since it ended with Randy inexplicably teleporting to the ring, which made no sense. An interesting idea, but bad execution. One day, they will do Bray right. One day.

Jericho vs Owens

I hate to put these two in this section but I’m too upset about the result to not put it here. The match itself was fine. I liked the “Finger of America” and Jericho finally injuring that pesky finger, but the result deflated me. I was loving KO’s “Face of America” gimmick, and it has been taken away far too soon. KO was making that belt relevant again, and while I’m sure Jericho will do just fine with it (even though he’s supposed to be on tour with his band) I still believe that WWE made a mistake here. Time will tell, I guess.

The Eh

Bayley vs Alexa

Again, I felt that the result should have been different here, but I’m not as upset about it as I am about Jericho/KO. Bayley hasn’t been booked very well since she got to RAW, and she’s just now starting to pickup, so taking the title from her now felt a bit premature. I know it’s a thing for faces to lose in their hometown, but it’s not a rule. I think she should held on to it until at least the next PPV. But, I love Alexa and she will be a great champion, so I’m not too bent about this one.

Hardy Boyz vs Cesaro & Sheamus

I didn’t care too much about this one going in, so it makes sense that I feel ‘eh’ about it now. It was a decent match, and did like Cesaro and Sheamus turning heel in the end. The feud has some potential. Both teams are good, and put on decent matches. I’m curious to see how heel Ceasaro and Sheamus pan out.

Rollins vs Joe

Yet another match that I should have enjoyed, but didn’t feel anything after. Throughout the match, I was annoyed about Rollins selling the knee injury when he wasn’t last week. Knee injuries are my least favorite sell, generally because they are supposedly injured then lift a 280lb man onto their shoulders. It takes me out of the match, and it’s difficult not to roll my eyes when someone does some flippy stuff off the top with a supposed knee injury.

I also found the ending anti-climatic. It just sort of happened. Overall, it wasn’t bad, but could have been so much better.


Overall, this PPV was ‘eh’. Nothing really excited me. The results were a bit disappointing, and the House of Horrors match ended up being a huge stain on the whole thing. Hopefully things start coming together soon, however, judging by their choice of PPV titles (Great Balls of Fire? Really guys?) I’m not too sure how to feel at this point.


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