My Thoughts During “House of Horrors” at WWE Payback


Did they interrupt Randy while he was getting dressed and just demanded he come half dressed?

Randy: *just got out of the shower and put on pants and belt* Oh, can’t forget my elbow and wrist pads.

*Men clad in black suits and sunglasses storm into Randy’s room.* You must come with us now.

Randy: Let me just grab my shirt.

Suited Men: No, you must come now.

Randy: Okay.





Does Bray own this house? Or does he rent and he just said, “Fuck the deposit.”? I mean this the Bay Area. That can’t be cheap.

Does Bray live here? Is this how he lives?

Are we supposed to believe this is happening live, cause it’s pretty bright on the West Coast right now. Or is the house so horrifying that it’s just a puddle of darkness in the light?

What is the driver doing in the car while he’s waiting? Is he reading a book? Scrolling through Facebook? Tweeting about how weird his job is?

Is it just me, or does Randy just seem mildly annoyed? And confused.

200 (53)

Does Bray decorate with dust and dirt?

Yep, Randy is definitely stuck under that fridge that just rolled off him.

What just went through the driver’s head when Bray got in the car?

giphy (4)
Who the hell are you?

Is the horror that Randy is stuck in the middle of nowhere without a ride? I mean, that can be pretty scary.

Did they let him bring his phone?

Is Randy going to call an Uber? Would an Uber driver pick up a random, buff, shirtless man who was obviously in some sort of fight from the middle of nowhere?

Is he going to drive the tractor to the ring?

Does Jinder still have the title?

Did Randy learn the power of teleportation from Bray? Was there a secret portal that Bray conveniently forgot about? Did Sister Abigail teleport him here? Has she been on his side the whole time and is actually alive, or whatever she was?

Did WWE think, “You know what, our first attempt at a response to “The Final Deletion” didn’t do so well. Let’s try it again, and again fail to mimic the charming ridiculousness of it. We will just make it ridiculous.”

Oh goody. Jinder is here. This is exactly what this shit show needed. *sarcasm*

Why couldn’t Bray just win. Why did there need to be interference. And why did it need to be that interference.

Well, at least Bray won.



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