Superstar Shake-Up: A Fresh Start for Many


As you all know, the rosters of both RAW and SmackDown Live have gone through some changes, and overall, it looks like these changes are going to be beneficial for both shows.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous after RAW. I was left wondering who SmackDown was left with as RAW seemed to take a lot of their major talent. The Miz and Maryse have been killing it (in my opinion) and Dean is a big draw. On top of that, they now have Alexa and Mickie James which left me wondering what was in store for the Women’s Division on SmackDown. However, now that I’ve seen both shows, I’m confident this is going to work out nicely.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about this.


The opening was great. I love The Miz and Maryse pretending to be John Cena and Nikki. I love Miz’s Cena walk, and his list of rules. And Maryse not even attempting to mask her accent and just owning it gets me every time. Her “But, Joohhn” will always have a place in my heart. On top of this, having Dean come out and act like he can’t tell that it’s Miz and Maryse was great and fit well with his rather oblivious character. I’m totally down for Dean and Miz feud, especially if it ends with The Miz having the Intercontinental Championship again. The Miz was an amazing IC champ and not much as been done with the title since he lost it.

The Women’s Division is going to prove interesting. Especially now that Charlotte is off to SmackDown. Now is the time to turn Sasha heel, and I desperately want to watch Alexa and Sasha go at each other. Alexa is a great heel, and both her in-ring and mic work have improved astronomically since NXT. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Now let’s talk about Finn. And how Jinder (or Ginger as I like to call him, a la Total Divas) INJURED HIM! That elbow to the back of the head was brutal and totally avoidable. Now Finn has a concussion and we’re not totally sure when he’s going to be cleared to wrestle again. FRAKING GINGER! His one job was to job to Finn and he couldn’t even do that. So now Ginger is on SmackDown and I don’t predict him being around for long. The fans hate him and he’s not interesting and not the best wrestler. Time will tell.

However, it looks like a Bray vs Finn feud may be brewing, and that is exciting. Finn’s gimmick is perfect for Bray, and if Bray wins at Payback and gets that title back, then Brock would be traded to SmackDown and Finn can fight Bray for the title. Something that I hope happens since Bray has never won a feud and I really think he should win with Randy. So, if they manage to do this right *fingers crossed* this could be a really entertaining feud. Finn has a freaking demon side. That’s perfect for Bray! Perfect! Please don’t mess this up!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the beat down that Braun gave Roman back stage. How fraking brutal was that! Overall, they have done a good job booking Braun as a monster, despite the disappointing end to the Roman/Braun match at Fastlane. Luckily, it looks like this feud is back on which I’m totally in to. Braun is great at demolishing people, and Roman took those bumps like a champ. Also, the fact that he just kept coming back to continue his beat down was great. As I watched Braun flip a stretcher with Roman in it, and tip over an ambulance, all I could think was “This. All of this.” Great job, guys.

Side Note: Seeing Elias Sampson show up on screen for like three seconds and then disappearing was a highlight of my night. He just drifted in and out and that should just be his thing for a while. I would also love it if this happened on both shows. He drifts between the two and it would be beautiful.

SmackDown Live

SmackDown’s opening was also great. First we get KO, which always great. We got the pleasure of listening to KO hate on America while simultaneously calling himself, “The Face of America”. Gold.  Then we get Sami Zayn cause you can’t have KO and Sami on separate shows. Granted, KO is technically up in the air until his match with Jericho at Payback, but we all know he’s winning that. This lead to a three-way match with AJ, Sami, and Corbin which was great. Overall, this is very promising.

As far as the Women’s Division, and I am totally psyched to watched Naomi and Charlotte go at it. Both of these women are great wrestlers, and both likely to do some riskier moves that most of the other women don’t do. They could put on some great matches. Also, Naomi calling Ellsworth Carmella’s “side-chick” was awesome.

It’s also looking like a Nakamura vs Ziggler feud is in the works which I’m down for. Ziggler has been struggling as of late. He hasn’t seemed to find a feud that was interesting and while heel Ziggler could be a great thing, not much has happened with it. However, a feud with Nakamura could turn this around. Ziggler is fantastic in the in the ring, as is Nakamura, and a match between these two as the potential to be awesome. I would definitely watch this.

Side Note: I’m glad to hear that Rusev is on SmackDown. Maybe now he will get the push he deserves.




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