Book Review: Uploaded by James W. Hughes


In the near future, the secrets of immortality have been unlocked.

Those lucky enough to live forever reside behind the walls of the Enclave, like seventeen-year-old Xander, who on his next birthday is to be Uploaded into a new, indestructible body, never to age or die.

Then there are those that live in the Outside, shrouded in the miserable shadow of the walled city. For Rachel, fighting to survive is a way of life, but trouble is brewing.

When the two paths cross, the secrets of Uploading begin to unravel. Not everyone can live forever, and as each day passes, the price of immortality grows.

The clock ticks down, and Rachel and Xander are left with no choice but to fight the terrifying Enclave government, who will stop at nothing to preserve their way of life.

Rating: 7.5/10

How far is humanity willing to go to achieve immortality? Apparently, pretty dang far.

Xander is having doubts about his upload and his boyfriend, Isaac, may have a way out. Everything looked like it was going to work, until everything went wrong.

Meanwhile, Rachel is trying to keep her remaining family together, but with her younger brother ill and her older bother getting mixed up in something dangerous, that’s becoming increasingly difficult.

Uploaded is mostly told from the perspective of Xander and Rachel, two people who just wanted to lay low, find themselves thrust into a rebellion that they never wanted to join.

The premise grips you from the beginning. The idea of uploading yourself into a mostly indestructible body that you get to choose is an interesting and terrifying idea. I just had to know what was going to happen.

If you’re looking for a thrilling read with an interesting (and sometimes disturbing) premise then this is your book. The action is well-paced and Hughes does a great job of making sure that the characters don’t get lost in the turmoil. We never lose sight of who these characters are as their personalities are reflected in their choices during the action. It’s a well done and addictive read.



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