Bibliophile Problem #2: Having No One to Talk to About a Book You Love

Every book nerd has been through it. That moment you finish a book and just need to talk about it with someone. You pick up your phone and realize there is no one to call. No one to text. No one else you know has read this book!

200 (12)

How can this be! How can you survive without gushing about this book! Eventually you resort in talking to your friends or significant other about all the great things about this book that you know they will never read, but you just can’t help it. You must express your love!

Currently I’m going through this with Anne Bishop’s The Others series. It’s probably one of the more awesome things I have read in recent history, but no one around me has read it. At least not yet!

Generally with series, I have to put a book between them. I never read two books from a series back to back. Ever. Until now. I read the first book in two sittings, went out the next day to buy the second book, and two sittings later I was on to the next. I’m now stuck at book four since I’m poor and can’t afford the $27 it costs for the new hardcover. I’m now on the wait list at the library which is going to take weeks.


Alas, this is the plight of the voracious reader. Eventually you will come across a book so awesome that you can’t not talk about it. I ended up giving my mom a rather detailed synopsis of the series so far during a hour and half long drive from the coast to Portland. I have also done this with my boyfriend. I don’t know how he puts up with me. (My mother is required to love me, so I’m not too concerned about being crazy in front of her.)

Of course, talking to people about a book that they haven’t read, and probably don’t have an interest in reading it seems rather counter-productive, but until my friend I let borrow my book reads it, that’s the best I’ve got. (It is also a testament to how close I am with this friend that I actually insisted that she borrow a book that I love so dearly. That’s true friendship right there.)

giphy (2)

But until she finally reads it, I am stuck in readers limbo. A limbo that makes it difficult to read other books because none of them are the book you want to read. However, book life must go on, and going weeks without reading a book seems like sacrilege to me. Why have I been cursed with this need to read! (See, I’ve been driven so insane by this series that I’ve started rhyming!)

So who else has this problem? What book or series did this for you? And if you’ve read Anne Bishop’s Others series, what did think? I must talk to someone!



  1. I’ve read book 1-3. I’ve only known today that book was already out. I love this series because it’s different from the ones l’ve read before. I know how you feel wanting to have a long convo about the books you love.

  2. The others series is awesome. Atleast you have a friend who’s interested and is going to read it! I don’t think anyone around me is into the kind of books I like and it is so frustrating! I’ve read every book of this series and am impatiently waiting for Etched in Bone, this is just so damn good! And you should try Tairen soul. It’s a really good series if you like the perfect combination of romance and fantasy.

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