Book Review: The Children’s Home by Charles Lambert

25110927In a sprawling estate, willfully secluded, lives Morgan Fletcher, the disfigured heir to a fortune of mysterious origins. Morgan spends his days in quiet study, avoiding his reflection in mirrors and the lake at the end of his garden. One day, two children, Moira and David, appear. Morgan takes them in, giving them free reign of the mansion he shares with his housekeeper Engel. Then more children begin to show up.

Dr. Crane, the town physician and Morgan’s lone tether to the outside world, is as taken with the children as Morgan, and begins to spend more time in Morgan’s library. But the children behave strangely. They show a prescient understanding of Morgan’s past, and their bizarre discoveries in the mansion attics grow increasingly disturbing. Every day the children seem to disappear into the hidden rooms of the estate, and perhaps, into the hidden corners of Morgan’s mind. (Goodreads synopsis)

Rating: 5/10

Overall: *shrugs* Eh.

This book started off alright. The style of writing is rather story-like which, when done well, can be enjoyable to read. However, sometimes this writing style makes it difficult for more complicated plots to become clear. This style was working well for this book until about halfway through. In the beginning, it worked in a way that gave the book a magical realism feel that was sometimes entrancing.

Sadly, once the plot started thickening, the writing style seemed to get in the way of clarity. The last quarter of the book comes out in kind of a jumble, and there were times that I couldn’t make sense of what was going on.

The characters felt a little one dimensional to me with the exception of a couple moments for Morgan. This made it difficult to become invested in any of the characters and made the conclusion and some of Morgan revelations fall flat.

There isn’t much that I can say about this book. It’s one of those inbetween books that I didn’t feel strongly about in either direction. Hence the ‘eh’ rating.



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