New Obsession: The Neverwhere Radio Adaptation


Normally I’m not into radio adaptations, or really radio in general. I haven’t even been able to get into Podcasts. I’m too visual a person and find it difficult to focus on listening to something since I end up wanting to multi-task. However, when I saw this cast, I had to check this out.

I think I might have found a new thing to obsess over. Currently, BBC Radio 4 Extra is airing six episodes throughout this week. As of this writing, I’ve listened to the first episode…twice.

It’s very well written and they do a great job of making sure, through audio, that the audience knows what is going on. It’s amazing how easy it is to actually imagine what is happening in your head. It also helps that I’m familiar with all of the actors in the show since I’ve seen them in other stuff.

Admittedly, I’ve never read Neverwhere. I haven’t really been able to get into Neil Gaiman other than his Sandman series. I have a mad amount of respect for the man, but I haven’t been able to get into his writing. So, I’m going into this series with no knowledge of this book, so it’s like watching a new show for me, and I’m entranced. It’s exciting and sometimes quite funny. Sometimes I felt a little bit like a fool as a sat on the couch and laughed. I may have looked like a crazy person to passersby. But whatever, it’s funny. All in all, it’s extremely entertaining. I definitely recommend it.


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