Classic Who: Planet of Giants (Season 2; Episodes 1-3)


Importance: Not much really.


Following a malfunction on the TARDIS console, the Doctor insists the fault locator shows nothing is wrong and it is safe to venture outside. The group leave the TARDIS only to find dead giant earthworm followed by a large deceased ant. They seem to have died immediately. After some deduction the travellers realise they have arrived on Earth but have shrunk in size to about an inch.

Ian is investigating a discarded matchbox when someone picks it up and he is hurled around inside. That someone is a government scientist called Farrow. He is met by a callous industrialist named Forester to tell him that his application for DN6, a new insecticide, has been rejected as it is far too deadly to all insect life. When they fall out over this news, Forester shoots Farrow and leaves him for dead on the lawn.

Thus the travelers not only have to find a way to return to their regular, but are also faced with a conspiracy that could affect entire ecosystems. Understanding the cost DN6 could have on the environment, the companions find themselves having to thwart a dastardly plan while being only an inch tall.

After some peril and a close encounter with death for Barbara, the group manages to both expose the plot and return to their regular once aboard the TARDIS.


Thoughts: There isn’t much to say about this episode. It’s mostly just a fun few episodes filled with adventure. There aren’t any major character development moments. Nothing that necessarily stands out. It’s a pretty fun story though.

Watch it?: It’s a fun adventure. I wouldn’t say that it is particularly important to watch, but it’s a fun story.


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