Episode Review: “Sleep No More” (Spoilers)

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I spent the majority of this episode poking my boyfriend awake as he kept falling asleep. Ironic, considering the subject of the episode.

Admittedly, I found myself having a difficult time keeping interest in it myself. It started off rather promising. I thought that the GoPro type of filming was interesting. However, the episode ended being a rather large disappointment.

Mainly, my problem with this episode is that nothing really happened. There was some potential when it was explained that they had found a way to end sleep. This is such an interesting concept that could have endless possibilities for examination, but that examination didn’t happen.

There was not look into how we have created a society in which people work longer and harder than is generally healthy. What happens with our sanity when we stop sleeping, even if the machine supposedly provide all the benefits of sleep? What happens to creativity when sleep is gone? Many creative endeavors come from dreams. What happens when dreams are taken away?

But rather at focusing on these far more interesting issues, the consequence of eradicating sleep is that somehow this creates sandmen from the morning crustys on your eyes. Which is just weird.

It’s also not really explained how it is that Rassmussen is a Sandman at the end. Why don’t the others look like humans? Was he a Sandman the whole time all the way through creating the Morpheus pods, or was he turned into a Sandman after? Nothing is really explained in this episode.

There was also a moment in the episode where it is revealed that since Clara has been in the Morpheus pod, she is carrying whatever virus it is that causes people to turn into Sandmen. But then nothing is done with this. It’s not even mentioned again.

This leads to there being a lack of a conclusion. It’s revealed in the end that the infection comes from watching the video, and as far as we know, Clara doesn’t see the video. So the whole scene where we are supposed to be worried about Clara just falls flat because it’s not even brought up that she’s okay. It’s just forgotten.

And it’s never explained how the infection really started. Was it determined by the length of time that people spent in the Morpheus pod, or was it something that happened from just being in it once? It was just all rather confusing, the pacing was slow, and it all amounted to a rather boring episode that didn’t anything for the characters or the show as a whole.


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