WTF: My Questions Following ‘Under the Lake’ & ‘Before the Flood’

Programme Name: Doctor Who - TX: 12/08/2015 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Doctor Who Series 9 trail - 12.08.15 - (C) BBC - Photographer: N/A

So, after watching Under the Lake and Before the Flood, I was left with a lot of questions. Many of which were caused by plot holes, some by the general writing of the series and the direction it is going.

If you would like to see a more detailed examination of some of these questions, here is my review of the two episodes.

Now without further ado. My questions.

  1. Why does the Doctor now need cue cards to help him apologize when he says something insensitive? Where did his empathy go? How did his personality change so drastically from the Eleventh Doctor?
  2. Wasn’t something similar to the Bootstrap Paradox used in the last storyline? And with Matt Smith? Isn’t this kind of lazy?
  3. Why did the Fisher King have to come up with this ruse of him being dead and then sending a signal to his armada so that they could conquer the Earth? Why didn’t they just come down and do it?
  4. What exactly was Clara expecting to happen when she left the phone outside of the Faraday Cage? I mean, I know it wouldn’t work in the cage, but why is she surprised when it’s taken? Also, why would the Doctor insist that she keep it on her if he knows that the only place she would be safe would make it impossible for her to use it?
  5. How did the Doctor get the power cell over to the dam? When did he make the hologram? How exactly is he sending a hologram from inside a stasis chamber?
  6. Why didn’t the Fisher King attempt to run away when the dam broke? In fact, why didn’t he just kill the Doctor when he had the chance? Isn’t he from some super violent race that likes to take over planets?
  7. Why is Moffat expecting us to just accept things? Why does he feel that explaining his plot in a fourth wall-breaking intro scene can take the place of writing a solid storyline?
  8. Why is the Doctor still being a major jerk?
  9. Does Clara have a death wish? She seems to be more interested in finding perilous adventures rather than just enjoying the ride. Remember when there were references to none perilous adventures with his companions, and they had fun with that? Remember when Donna was super happy to just chill in the resort on Midnight and liked the change of pace? Clara doesn’t seem to want that, and it’s a little disturbing.

Well, those are some of the questions I was left with after watching these episodes. If you can answer any of these, please do.


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