Thug Notes is a Much Watch for Book Nerds

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this, but I’m glad I have. Thug Notes is a YouTube series created be Wisecrack, a media collective run by comedians, academics, filmmakers and artists. Their channel is chock full of amazing content, from the philosophy of video games to what movies are like from an alien’s perspective. Here’s their video that explains their mission:

Being a huge book nerd, I find Thug Notes to be an amazing series. Basically, your host, Sparky Sweets, PhD, gives a summary and analysis of popular books and classics in thug speak. It is amazing. The Pride and Prejudice one is particularly good.

An example of the awesome graphics that go with the videos. This is one from Pride and Prejudice.

The best part? The summaries are super accurate and the analysis is spot-on and insightful. In fact, there are a few in which the analysis brings up points about some books that I hadn’t even thought of and are super interesting.

And it’s not just the classics. They also cover popular literature, like 50 Shades of Grey and The Hunger GamesThere is a video on there for everyone.

So if you at all love books and would like to see an interesting perspective on some of your favorites, I would definitely suggest this series. It’s incredibly well done and absolutely hilarious. Thanks Sparky Sweets, PhD for reminding us how awesome literature can be!


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