Go Watch Muzzled the Musical Now!


What is Muzzled the Musical you may ask? Well let me tell you. It’s a musical created by Matthew Mercer and Zach Grafton, with music by Jason Charles Miller, and stars many YouTube actors from series like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and School of Thrones.

What’s is about?

Synopsis: Muzzled will take viewers on a journey to the Serenadia Kingdom, where singing is power. With the right song, you can bring peace to the downtrodden, bake a delicious birthday cake… even kill! Hence, the muzzle, a magic tattoo that punishes you when you try to sing. After 20 years of a royal decree that the Blackhearts bear the muzzle and silence their voices, the Black Matron’s teen daughter Malfalia decides she wants nothing more than to sing. Follow her journey as Malfalia sets out to masquerade as a princess, infiltrate royal society, and thereby free her fellow Blackhearts from the tyranny of the Muzzles. (synopsis from Kickstarter)

Sounds awesome right! Well, it is. The cast is amazing and the music is super catchy. It’s going to be stuck in my head forever! But that’s okay. The music is great, so standing ovation to Jason Charles Miller for his hard work.

Everyone did such an amazing job with their characters, and Juliet Landau’s character reminds me a lot of Drusilla, which is totally awesome!

Brendan Bradley’s, Prince Dashing, is hysterical. He basically made me laugh every time the camera was on him. Especially his “Prince Mode” song. That was just pure gold.

Maxwell Glick and Mary Kate Wiles work so well together in these videos. Maxwell’s slightly excitable and nervous character is the perfect foil to Mary Kate’s stoic attitude. It makes for some great comedy, and it is a pleasure to see these two act together. I was also a fan of the times they acted together on Lizzie Bennet Diaries as well.

Mary Kate Wiles gives a stellar performance. Her deadpan delivery of some of her lines was perfect, and damn can she sing! Of course she has sung before in videos, (her “Horcrux” song from I Ship It is the best nerdy breakup song ever) but she always blows me away in everything that she does.

Ashley Clements as snobby Princess Ambrosia was really well done. It’s kind of great seeing the kind of range she has acting wise (and singing, it turns out). From the likable Lizzie Bennet to the awful Princess Ambrosia, Ashley nails it all. Super talented woman.

And last but not least, Ashley Burch does an amazing job portraying a girl who is actively seeking revenge, but still just wants to be a party princess. She’s adorable and badass at the the same time.

It has just been released on YouTube, and I’ve watched it three times already. There are three episodes (hopefully more to come *crosses fingers*) that are a little less than ten minutes long, so it doesn’t take very long to watch.

So if you find yourself with some spare time, or feel like putting off real world stuff, I suggest watching these three episodes. They’re super awesome, and you won’t regret it.


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