5 YouTube Series for Book Nerds

As many of you already know, YouTube is a magical place where time slips away and by the time you finish it’s five hours later and you realize you haven’t eaten for about eight. I’ve known this phenomenon since YouTube started. Many an hour has been wasted (or not depending on your POV) watching video after video. Damn the related videos bar! However, it hasn’t been until rather recently that I discovered that amazing potential YouTube holds.

It took me a while after it was over to discover the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I’m one of those millennials that took a while to catch on to some technology related things. I’m a book person. What can I say? I’ve already had my nose in books. Heck, I went to school for Literature, then got a master’s degree in book publishing, and now I blog about books and do book reviews. Books are kind of my thing. But it wasn’t until I discovered LBD that I realized how much YouTube has to offer for the literary world.

So is my list of YouTube series and videos that you should check out if you’re a book nerd.

  1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This show is amazing! Even you are not that into Jane Austen, you will love this show. They do an amazing with the characters, and Lizzie is totally relatable. At least to me. Created by Hank Green and Bernie Su, LBD gives us a highly engaging modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in video blog format from Lizzie Bennet’s perspective. Lizzie is a master’s student in mass communications and she decides to start a video blog for a class project. She never imagined how popular it would become. Completely with impersonations of some of the off-screen characters and some light costume theater, LBD is an addictive watch. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And you will stay up at all hours of the night just to watch it. True story.

Note: Make sure that you watch it in the playlist that I posted since it adds some of the side videos (like Lydia’s vlog) that become important to the plot. You will regret it later you don’t do this.

2. Emma Approved

Bernie Su does it again! In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, Emma is a lifestyle expert who specializes in party planning and match-making. However, those of us who have read Emma already know that sometimes the match-making doesn’t go as planned. Emma decides to document her company’s success (Mr. Knightley runs the business side) and we all get see the drama and romance unfold. I actually enjoyed this version a little more than Jane Austen’s Emma since I felt that the ending was a little more satisfying. I also like Emma more in this version than in others. Also Joanna  Sotomura and Brent Bailey (Emma and Knightley respectively) ended up dating in real life! So cute!

3. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

This adaptation of Jane Eyre is rather beautiful. I liked Jane Eyre, but I did have my issues with it, so I was a little hesitant to start this one. However, I quickly got sucked into it, and now I absolutely love it. It wasn’t made as a major production, so the quality isn’t as professional as LBD or Emma Approved, but that adds to the charm. Jane is easily likable, and just seems like the nicest person in the world. She’s the kind of person that I would love to be friends with. At times highly emotional and super funny, this is a great watch for anybody, especially those that liked the book it was based on.

4. I Didn’t Write This

“‘I Didn’t Write This’ is a new kind of literary adaptation series, in which I adapt and direct excerpts of literature and poetry using visual metaphors and voiceover and whatever else I have on hand. Usually pretty things I found at flea markets. Basically one long commercial for why we read. Sometimes I say things at the end of the episodes. You don’t have to watch those parts.” (Yulen Kuang’s description on YouTube)

How could you not be interested in this if you’re a book nerd! Also, she has great taste. Also awesome, Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia Bennet) and Sean Persaud (Edgar Allan Poe) are often featured in the videos.

Kuang’s work is awesome. She also does some none book related things, so you should just subscribe to her channel. Also, you should definitely listen to the parts at the end with her talking. She’s fun and insightful, and it’s awesome to hear about what inspired to make the choices she made for the videos and why she chose the material she did.

5. The Tell Tale Vlog

This rather hilarious video blog with Edgar Allan Poe and a rather put out Lenore is another creation of Yulin Kuang under Shipwrecked Comedy. These videos star Sean Persaud as Edgar Allan Poe and Sinead Persaud as Lenore that ghost. Poe’s awkwardness is hilarious to watch, and Lenore’s disappointment when she finds Poe rather weird when she decides to haunt his house is equally awesome. This is an awesome show for those who are fans of Poe, and even those who aren’t since they do some jokes at Poe’s expense.

Also, this show is mentioned in the fan-fiction for “Kissing in the Rain” since it is created by the same people. It’s pretty awesome of these things come together.

There are so many other amazing things on YouTube that are book nerd friendly. Pemberley Digital has done other work outside of Jane Austen. They have done adaptations of Frankenstein and Little Women.  I can’t list everything I have found here, not matter how much I want to. These are just my top five. Let me know if you find any more. And I hope that you go check out these ones. You won’t regret it.


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