My Journey Through the Wheel of Time # 4

Art by Darrell K. Sweet

Finished it! Well the fourth book…not the series. Anyway, I finished the fourth book and I’m just glad that it improved as it went. If you read my last update, you might remember how Faile was starting to irk–to put it nicely–but it seems that she has turned over a new leaf and is finally starting to take things seriously. I will say that the change happened rather suddenly, so in terms of character development it seemed a little unrealistic, but I was so glad that the change happened that I kind of ignored this little tidbit. It almost felt like he was writing and realized, “Hey, Faile is being kind of awful right now. Maybe I should have her grow up a little in the next two scenes.” And then baam, maturity. A little abrupt, but a breathe of fresh air none the less. I was very glad to see that rebelliousness that I do like about her being used in an awesome way at the end. Now that’s that kind of rebel I can get behind!

Rand eventually became interesting, which was also a relief. However, I was left going, “What just happened!” at the very end. I’m still not totally sure what happened, since it all went down really quickly, so I’m hoping that the next book will kind of explain it. Or maybe one of you guys can. It’s all kind of a blur. I’m also starting to see what Min and Elayne see in Rand that make them love. He cares about others and only wants to do the right thing. He has also been handling this immense burden better than I feel most people would. I guess he’s a pretty admirable character when you think of it that way, but I’m still more into Perrin.

The best part of this book was that Perrin had some major page time. He is still my favorite character, and has been since the beginning. I’ve already kind of ranted about him before, so I’m not going to do it here again. I will just say that I thought giving him his own side adventure to save their home was a good decision and I think really strengthened him as a character. Before this book, he was kind of in the background and it was killing me that he wasn’t playing a bigger role. Now he is more of a player and I believe it’s safe to say that this book had Perrin as its main focus with the other plot lines taking on a, very important, but more secondary position.

The series has been exciting and interesting so far. Hopefully it continues on this way, however I’ve heard it tends to slow down in the middle. Of course, judging by the size of these books, that feels a little inevitable. I mean, I thought the first half of the fourth one was slow. Guess I will have to read to find out.

Now to move on to book five! Until next time!


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