My Journey Through the Wheel of Time Series #3


So apparently the action that I was complaining about not being there in my last update past started happening like ten pages later. Everyone was all ready to disperse to the various tasks when suddenly, boom, battle. That’s what I had been waiting for the entire first part of the book! Then I got a little further along and now it seems to have slowed down again.

I have spent so many chapters reading about Rand walking around in a desert that I about want to poke my eyes out. Learning about the history of the Aiel was interesting, however I wasn’t a fan of how it was structured. The non-linear aspect of it didn’t work so well when you have no idea who these people are. It takes a while to figure out where you are in the history since you don’t have any idea of who was around when since this is the first mention of them. I thought having this in a linear timeline would have made that whole section a whole lot easier to understand. As it is, I’m still a little fuzzy as to what I read.

Currently, Perrin is off trying to save his home and make sense of Faile. Hell, so am I. I simultaneously like and dislike her. One one hand, she is pretty cool and can mostly take care of herself, but then she pulls that crap in the Waygate! How petty can a person be! The girl needs a reality check. This isn’t some exciting adventure; it’s freaking war. The whole time it it was basically, “Hey, Loial. Could you tell Perrin that I’m not talking to him? I don’t like it when he gets all worried about my safety like a rational human being. I can take care of myself despite the fact that I am currently acting like nine-year-old.” Can you tell that she annoys me?  However, there is hope since the last bit I read with them, Faile was starting to act a little more like what it happening around is actually serious. Has she come to her senses? God I hope so. I don’t know how much more I can take.

As of right now, I have mixed feelings about this book. At one point I’m like, “Oo how exciting” and the next I’m like, “Omg, just stop talking.” I’m interested to see where this goes.


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