My Journey through the “Wheel of Time” Series Post #2 (spoilers)


On to the fourth book! I’m ten chapters in right now, and it’s going all right so far. Not much has occurred, and I’m a little concerned that’s going to basically be the whole book. Is this book going to mimic the indecision and inactivity of Rand? Or is it going to pick up some speed? I guess I will have to read to find out.

While I have been enjoying the series so far, I do have this nagging issue with how certain relationships are handled. Why is everyone—except Egwene now—in love with Rand? What is about him that makes women fall in love with him at the drop of a hat? Isn’t it telling that the two women who have known him the longest, including the one that was once basically betrothed to him, aren’t in love with him? Seriously, Min and Elayne have loved him from the moment they laid eyes on him. I find this unbelievable, childish, and frankly frustrating. I had a similar issue with Lan and Nynaeve, but at least the downplaying of that makes some sense, since they are both highly private people. I would not consider Min and Elayne so.

And I was so excited to see Perrin and Faile’s relationship starting up near the end of the last book. I, personally, have a little crush on Perrin. He’s the more sensitive of the group and has that really awesome, “I can talk to wolves” thing going for him. Of course he doesn’t see the positive side of this since he doesn’t live in the age of paranormal romance. Imagine my disappointment when their relationship is basically up and going by the time book four starts. I wanted to see all of the awkward, “I guess we like each other, maybe we should kiss” stuff. I’m a total sucker for budding romances, and I didn’t even get to see it. Sad face.

Basically, I’m waiting for this book to get started. Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve are leaving Tear soon, so I think that is when stuff is actually going to happen. And I think that Rand is actually thinking about starting a war, so hopefully things will pick up. I would just like to see a little more work done when it comes to relationships. Granted, I think this was mainly written with a male readership in mind, but I think it’s healthy for men to read some relationshipy type things. It’s human, it makes characters believable, and it can increase readership by having a little bit for everyone.

I will post another update on my journey through this series as I get a little further into the book. At least, as long as something happens…otherwise I won’t have anything to write about…except maybe a rant about how there is nothing to write about.


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