The Mortal Instruments Update #3 (Spoilers)


I just finished the fourth book, and I’m still reeling from that ending. I was reading it last night before bed, and when I got to the last chapter I thought to myself, “Okay, everything is going to be all right. The worst is over.”


Nope. I should have known that something bad was going to happen when Jace was left up on that roof alone. Maybe a part of me did know, but ignored it in the hopes that there would be more than two minutes of happiness for Jace and Clary. It’s driving me crazy!

I have got to say though that this was not my favorite book. As much as I love Clary and Jace, I am getting a little sick of their drama. I get this feeling that it’s there just to be there. It’s fine for them to have some issues, what couple in this situation wouldn’t, but this much drama? It’s a little nuts. There was a lot of talking between the two of them in this book, which I wouldn’t mind if they discussed a variety of things. It’s always some problem with Jace thinking that he’s evil and then Clary spends most of the time trying to convince him he’s not. Basically, their relationship has come down to this:


And it is irritating. There were times that I actually thought it would best for Clary to walk away and just let Jace wallow in self-hatred. That sounds awful, but it was really getting on my nerves.

However, there was more focus on the other characters, which became a welcome relief from the Clary/Jace drama. In fact, I would have liked even more of this since it would have cut back on Clary/Jace drama. (Can you tell I’m getting sick of it?) Anyway, this book allowed Simon to become a more important character rather than the side character that he was in the first three. Granted, he was an important side character, but a side character none the less. In this book, we get to be in Simon’s head a little more and see his struggle as he comes to terms with being a vampire. He’s got a long road ahead of him, and I’m going to be rooting for him the whole time. And can I just say that I think Isabelle and Simon could work well together. Just saying.

I do want more of Alec and Magnus. I think they are great together, and I will admit to giggling every once in while during their fights. I can understand why Alec would be touchy about Magnus’s past, considering how there is a lot of past there. Alec has become more open since coming out and dating Magnus, but this openness has made him more vulnerable in some ways. While Alec seems a little more sure of himself, which Simon realizes near the end of the book, Alec has to deal some new insecurities that involve being with somebody with such a colorful past. I love these two together and think that their responses during their fights is rather perfect. Alec’s sometimes inappropriately timed outbursts and insecurity reveals how young he is in comparison to Magnus, who handles these moments with a calm exasperation that only comes with age. The Alec and Magnus sections were probably my favorite parts of this book and get my seal of approval.


Well, those are my overall feelings on this installment in the series. I will write again once I start on the fifth book. I may also be writing a post dedicated to Clary since I have enough things to say about her for one post.


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