The Mortal Instruments Update #2 (spoilers)


This update contains spoilers.

So, I’ve finished the third book in the series, and I must say that this one was full of craziness.

You know how I said that I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to turn out that Clary and Jace weren’t related? Yeah…I didn’t actually know how badly I didn’t want them to be brother and sister until I found out that they weren’t.


I did do a little dance when I got home though to the chagrin of my boyfriend. I also tried to explain how this worked out to him (I’ve been updating him on the series as I read) and he was just confused. Granted, it was difficult to explain.

I think my main reasoning for possibly not wanting this to happen though was that I couldn’t imagine a way in which it would work out. I kept thinking that it would turn out to be something totally outlandish that made no sense. Thankfully, I thought it was well done. It actually made sense! It’s such a relief not to have to feel awkward about wanting them together. I was beginning to weird myself out a little.

Speaking of relationships. I could not stop smiling when Alec started kissing Magnus in front of everyone!


That’s actually really close to the dance I did. It also made me so happy that the Lightwoods accept the fact that their son gay, especially after Alec spent so much time worried that they would end up disowning him if they found out. I’m glad that Alec was able to build up the courage to do it, and it’s great to see that everyone close to him supports him 🙂

So many happy feelings in this book! However, there is also the sad, depressing, and stressful.

Max’s death was one of the saddest things to happen in this series so far. He was such a sweet kid and Isabelle’s reaction to his death was pretty heartbreaking. It was also very human. She’s so strong and tough that it’s difficult to see her break down.

And then there was having to read Jace’s inner struggles when he though he was part demon. I thought that this book did the best job of really giving us a glimpse of Jace. He’s mostly mysterious in the first two books, but we finally got to see him open up a little as well as got some insight into him from others who know him so well. He was in so much pain, and thought that it was portrayed well in the book. He’s still got some healing to do, but at least he knows he’s not half demon and he doesn’t have to feel wrong for loving Clary.

I also realized something about storytelling in general. I’ve noticed that there are times when YA can become rather predictable. We can generally assume that something is going to happen, so nothing is particularly surprising. I expected that some how Clary and Jace would end up not being related, and that there was no way that Jace was going to actually die. I used to think that this would bother me, but here is what I have realized about this.

1)As long as the predictable thing doesn’t occur in either an rollingingly obvious or ridiculous way, it’s not a big deal that you kind of already know what’s going to happen. The adventure is finding out the hopefully interesting way in which it happens.

2)If you write the characters well enough, then we so badly want that predictable thing to happen that we will be just as happy with the anticipation of that event, or be surprised when it doesn’t. Hopefully in a good way. This is why I can enjoy both this series and George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series where nothing that you expect to happen actually happens. A.K.A people die who shouldn’t!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Fourth book, here I come!


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