Angel & Faith: Season #9 by Christos Gage


Rating: 8/10

I decided to review the entire series as a whole sense I feel I would be repeating myself if I did all of the volumes separately. Plus, I feel it is sometimes better to review comic series as a whole since that is really the whole point of a series. They are parts of a whole. That being said, I am going to try my best to avoid spoilers. If there are ones I will highlight them so that those who may not have read the series don’t read them.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series as a whole and thought that it was really well done. I thought that Christos Gage did a great job of really capturing the characters of Angel and Faith. I could actually hear their voices while I was reading it which is exactly as it should be.

When the series first started, I was a little confused as to the pairing of these two, but after I thought about it, it makes complete sense. Angel was always the only person to really understand what Faith was going through for all those years, and Faith, despite her time on the dark-side, is a loyal person who is willing to help those that have helped her. Throughout the series, she acts as the grounding force of Angel’s quest to resurrect Giles. Despite her doubts, she knows that Angel can’t be talked out of this, so she decides that it would be best for her help him in case things go wrong. (Which happens relatively often.) Having Faith there keeps Angel from making the wrong choices multiple times and forces him to realize that despite both his and Faith’s desire to get Giles back, there are some lines that can’t be crossed.

This series had some truly shining moments. One of which is most of Volume #2 Daddy Issues. Here, Angel has to help Faith fight through her troubled past with her father and really has us examine the importance of fighting through the emotional pain of past traumatic experiences rather than taking the easy way out. I thought this whole issue was rather poignant, and we see a lot of character growth for Faith and Angel.

There are also areas where we get to learn more about Giles’s past, which is always an area of interest since he is often times so shrouded in mystery. We get to see the catalyst that turned Giles into the wild youth that we got glimpses of in a couple highly memorable Buffy episodes. Namely, “The Dark Age” and “Band Candy”. These sections answer quite a few questions about his past as well as adds to the complexity of his character.

Overall, I thought that this series was well done and fits in well with the rest of the Buffyverse canon by having multiple connections with the other series, mainly in having Spike cameo and then leave to help with the events happening in Buffy Season 10 as well as creating the jumping off point for the Willow series. (Which I will be reading very shortly.) I have to say that I am super excited to read the next seasons of both Buffy and Angel and Faith. Especially since Nicholas Brendon (Xander) is joining the writing team. I went to a panel discussion he was on at Wizard Con and he seemed super excited (despite being dreadfully sick, poor guy) to be working on the project. And so am I!  I need to get myself to a comic store.



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