link Colbert Sends a Message to Amazon

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Colbert Sends a Message to Amazon

Currently, Amazon, in all its evil, is doing everything in their power to dissuade its customer from buying books from Hachette. These methods include delaying shipping and actually removing the ‘pre-order’ button from J.K. Rowling’s new book. They have even urged customers to buy Hachett’s books used which, as we all know, means that Hachette gets nothing.

Well, Amazon has messed with the wrong publisher. Colbert, who publishes all of his books through Hachette, went on his show to vehemently rail against Amazon’s actions toward Hachette. He even promoted first-time novelist Edan Lepucki’s novel California, telling his viewers to go buy the book at indie bookstore, Powell’s, in Portland. A bookstore near and dear to my heart. Low and behold, the Colbert bump is a real thing as California hit the top of the Powell’s sale charts after the airing of the show. Take that Amazon! We don’t got down without a fight.

As someone going into the publishing industry and who has had a life-long love affair with books, it warms my heart to know that authors and publishers are not going to let Amazon win. Especially seeing someone has prolific as Colbert bring this issue to the attention of the general public (many of whom don’t know the affect Amazon has on publishers) is amazing, and something that will hopefully help bookstores and publishers convince consumers to start shopping smart. Buy from bookstores (especially indie) and buy new!


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