Better Than the Book?

For the most part, books are way better than the movies that are made based on them; but sometimes something crazy happens, and the movie it better than the book. I know; it sounds like sacrilegious, but you have to admit that it does happen from time to time, and here are some of those examples.

The Notebook


I watched the movie before I read this book, and I must say that the movie is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s like the one super girly thing I enjoy. Since I’m a book nerd I decided that I would read the book as well, and I regret it. I regret every wasted moment I spent with this book. I thought that the story was done clumsily in the book and that it all came together much better in the movie. I now have a hatred for Nicholas Sparks because of this book and just him in general.

A Walk to Remember


And because I can’t help but punish myself, I also decided to read this one. It’s like I never learn. I also enjoyed this movie, and I will admit to crying, but when I read the book, I felt nothing. Not even a tear. How is it that Nicholas Sparks could make a girl dying from leukemia so unemotional?

Fight Club

5759 (2)

I know that to some this will seem like sacrilege. How dare you hate on this book! Let me just clear this up. I am not hating on this book, it’s just that the movie was so freaking good that it would be hard for this book to rise to the level the movie achieved. I thought that the book was alright. It seemed a little clumsy in it’s presentation, and I think that at times even Palahniuk didn’t even know what he was trying to say. Besides, how could anybody think that Brad Pitt’s performance in that movie was anything but amazing?


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