A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin


Rating: 7/10

And the saga continues! I will say that this book took me longer to read than the other ones, mainly because some of the characters that were focused on where not as interesting as those in the other books. This book included characters like Brienne (which I was happy to see, as I like her) and some characters who were maybe mentioned in the other books but didn’t play big parts.

Well, a couple of them still didn’t play a major part in this book either. There were chapters centered on characters that were either new or played very minor parts which was annoying at first. What about all the main people! But as I kept reading the book, the events that happen in those particular chapters start to gain importance. Even if nothing totally plot changing occurs around the events in those chapters, the sections are ended in such a way that would suggest that it will be important later.

One of the most interesting additions were the chapters about Cersei. Finally, we get an explanation as to why she is so insane! We also get a glimpse into her mind and how she sees the world and comes to her conclusions about the people and events around her. And let me tell you, it was one heck of a ride. In my opinion, she was the most compelling character in this book.

Like the second book, most of A Feast for Crows was about the politics of war and the never ending chain of backstabbing, bad decisions, and spying. The majority of the book was intrigue rather than battle and while some major fighting occurs, it doesn’t take center stage. In actuality, this is my favorite part of this whole series. Martin doesn’t focus only on the physical fighting of war but at the plots, marriages, and betrayals that really make up the majority of the war. Sure, winning battles on the field helps win the whole war, but nothing is as affective as writing the right letter at the right time to the right person.

The only reason I didn’t rate this one higher was because some of the characters seemed to drag on. While I like Brienne, I felt that her parts started becoming a little worn out and dry which made them boring to read. That, and I still haven’t warmed up to Sam, so I still roll my eyes when a Sam chapter comes up. Other than those slow places where no action of any kind, mental or physical, occur, this was a great read. On to the fifth! And then a long torturous wait until the sixth one…Damn.


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