Wonder Woman: Volume 1 Blood by Brian Azzarello


Rating: 2/10

I am having no luck in reading anything good lately. This was no exception to my unfortunate streak. I didn’t read much Wonder Woman before I tried out this New 52, but I have to say that I’m not sure I like the direction they are taking her.

Luckily, the art was better on the inside than the cover would have you believe. I personally hate the cover and am glad that it’s not like that inside. However, I still had some issues with it. Normally, the Greek gods are depicted as beautiful human beings, but in this revamp, the only god that looks human is Hera. Yet, she spends the majority of the volume in a peacock feather cloak…and nothing else. (This was obviously written by and drawn by a man.) Hermes looks like a zombie with bird feet, Poseidon is a ginormous fish thing and Hades has candles on his head that make him look like a forgotten birthday cake. I don’t get it.

The origin story is completely changed. I’m not normally against tweaking the origins of characters and all that, but I’m not a fan of what they did with Wonder Woman. One of the reasons I really liked Wonder Woman was the fact that she was close with her mother. That changes in this new Wonder Woman since the “real” origin of Diana comes out which causes Diana to leave Paradise Island in anger with her mother and then proceeded to act like a teenager. I also thought that the Amazons were rather cold, and had no love for Diana like they used to. I don’t understand why these changes were made and I don’t really like them.

On top of these issues, I didn’t like the plot. I found myself confused through the whole thing. Nothing was explained in a satisfactory way, so all of this stuff was happening that I couldn’t connect with anything. It didn’t actually feel like the first volume in a revamp of Wonder Woman. It felt like I was reading a volume in the middle and that I missed stuff that was explained in earlier volumes. I was completely confused by the end and still have no idea what was going on with the candle thing that apparently transports or traps Hera. Part of the problem may have been that I do not have a vast knowledge of Greek mythology, but I never found that to be an issue with any other Wonder Woman comic I have read in the past. However, I don’t think this was the issue. I feel that it was more to do with shoddy plot work rather than my lack of knowledge on the subject. If I remember correctly, from the little I do know about Greek mythology, Hades was never depicted as a short guy with melted candles on his head.

Overall, I’m not holding much hope for the rest of the series. I’m still going to read it but so far, I’m really disappointed. If you’re a Wonder Woman fan, or someone who really wants Wonder Woman to rise to the level of Batman and Superman in the comic canon, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this is going to be the series to do that. It’s a lot of fighting with no depth or coherent plot. Basically, it’s a disappointment. I’m just waiting for the day that a woman finally gets the chance to write Wonder Woman. I feel like that is what the character needs. Either a woman or Joss Whedon. Sadly, I don’t see this day coming anytime soon considering how male dominated the comic world is. It’s sad…but true.


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