I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason


Rating: 8/10

The more I think about this book the more I like it. At first I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t delve deeper into the various issues that would crop up with the death of Hitler, but then I realized that the simplicity was the point of the book. This story was not about would happen if Hitler was killed, it’s about a hired assassin finding peace near the end of his life.

Jason creates a world in which assassins can have a legal business that allows people who are having issues with others can go to have the problem “taken care of”. From noisy neighbors to disgruntled children many people hand their problems over to assassins. Jason depicts the popularity of this option by depicting an office with a line of people waiting for their appointment with the main character who is an assassin for hire.

While business is good, this character has troubles dealing with the fact that he kills people for a living. Sometimes for nothing more than playing their music too loud at night. It affects every aspect of his life, including his relationship with his girlfriend. When he gets the opportunity to kill Hitler, he jumps at the chance. From then on, life gets complicated.

Jason’s simplistic art and dry humor really add to the story that is, to its core, the story of an assassin coming to terms with his life. While it would seem that the killing of Hitler would be the main focus of the story, it’s actually just a catalyst to the true story, albeit a fascinating one.

Even though some may be annoyed at the fact that this book turns into more of a story about a relationship, I thought that it was a rather brilliant idea. How many times has the killing of Hitler been speculated on in historical fiction? In truth, the subject has been written about time and again, and I was actually hesitant to read this because of that particular issue. I was pleased to discover that this was something very different. I thought this book was very creative, and I plan on reading more books by Jason. I really liked his simple, minimalist form and believe that it adds to this story rather than takes away.


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