Indie Bookstores Will Live On


Author Booksellers Share Their “Shop Indie” Saturday Stories

Recently, authors have been taking an interest in Indie bookstores and many chose to work at a bookstore on a Saturday to draw crowds to these deserving establishments. Many of the stories are rather heart warming and just come to show that indie bookstores are going to be around for quite some time.

While they have been struggling for some time with the creation of the Kindle and, many consumers still understand the value of human interaction when buying a book. While Amazon has its algorithms that tell you books that others have bought along with the book your looking at, nothing compares to a recommendation coming straight from someone who obviously cares that you find the right book.

The benefits of booksellers become obvious through the experiences of these authors. There are so many choices out there and it can sometimes get over-whelming for people. Having someone there who can ask you questions and then point you in the right direction is a valuable service and one that makes shopping at bookstores that much more enjoyable.

There was once a time when I couldn’t decide between two graphic novels, so I went up to the counter near that section and asked an associate which I should get. They told me which one they would suggest and were obviously knowledgeable about graphic novels as they were a fan of them as well. Once I got home, I read it and was glad that I went with their suggestion. This graphic novel was Batman: Arkham Asylum and I loved it.

Another time, I got to suggest a Garth Nix series to a little boy who couldn’t decide what he wanted. Since I read that series recently and liked it, I figured I would point him that direction. He did end up buying the book and was excited to sit down start reading. Not only did it put a smile on his face, but on mine as well. It’s a great feeling being able to suggest a book to someone and see them so excited to get reading, an experience you can only really have in a bookstore.

While shopping at places like Amazon can be convenient and sometimes cheaper, there is something that Amazon does not and will never have. The human element of indie bookstores. So keep truckin’ you guys, and remember that readers will always love you.


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