A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin


Rating: 4.5/5

This has been my favorite book in the series so far. I’ve heard that a lot of people enjoy the second book more, which I understand, but this book was so full of surprises that I have to give the top spot to this one.

It’s rare to catch me completely off guard. Even if I don’t know exactly what is going to happen, I can normally guess that something in the general area of what happens, but this book floored me multiple times. I actually spent a total of about 15 minutes staring into space completely stunned and unable to put words into sentence form. I feel that people walking by me (I read one of these surprises in a mall) thought I was slightly deranged.

In most books and even TV shows and movies, there is a kind of formula that is followed making the majority of the plot rather predictable. Sometimes this formula is broken and George R.R. Martin is one of those authors who has done just that. Even though I was warned to expect the unexpected when reading this series, I still found myself believing that certain things would happen based on this formula. So, when this book broke from this formula it was still a shock. And this is what makes me love this series.

I have also noticed that the issues I had been having with the first and second book are becoming less and less. The internal dialogue has been brought down to a minimum, and when it does happen it is not completely superfluous like the majority of it was before. His descriptions of food are still there, but now I can tell when they are coming and am able to gloss over them so I don’t get bogged down with the sheer amount of food that I don’t care about.

My only main issue with this book is that I still find Bran really boring. Not much happens with him in this book and I tend to find him whiny and rather annoying. It eventually came to a point in the book that when a Bran section came up I rolled my eyes. For me, he acted more as an irritating road block to the really exciting things that were going on with the far more interesting characters. I’m hoping that Bran’s character fills out eventually, and that something happens with him other then him having dire wolf dreams.

Despite how much I loved this book, I couldn’t give it a 5/5 for those couple of reasons that are still big enough issues to dock it a couple of points. However, this book is pretty amazing and for those who haven’t gotten to this book yet, just be prepared to be surprised.

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