The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

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Rating: 5/5

This book was so much fun! It actually a really special book to literally make me laugh out loud and this book managed to do just that…multiple times. The book was full of outrageous circumstances being treated as if this could happen to the average person on a bad day, which added to the hilarity of the situation.

Basically, the story begins with Arthur Dent, an average man just wanting to live his life in peace, finding out that his house needed to be demolished in order to put in a bypass. As he fights to keep his house, he believes that his day can’t get much worse until his friend, Ford Prefect, comes along and convinces him to leave the site. Ford then explains, in a pub, that the world is about to be destroyed, as it is in the path of a new hyperspace bypass, and from then on, Dent’s life becomes a science fiction tale.

The greatest part of this book what how everything paralleled. Den’ts house is destroyed for a bypass in which Dent was not properly made aware of due to poor government planning. Later, the world is destroyed for the same exact reason and the galactic government gives the same reasons for their actions as the Earth government gave about Dent’s house. The poor man can’t seem to escape badly run government planning.

This book is the definition of schadenfreude (a German word for getting pleasure from someone else’s pain). Poor Dent looses his house and becomes the last human in existence all in the same hour but yet we laugh.

If you’re looking for a laugh riot of a book, this is definitely it. It is extremely quotable and on top of all this you get to learn the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.


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