Not This Time Amazon


Bookseller’s Say “No” to Amazon Source

I am glad that booksellers are refusing this offer, if you can really call it an offer. In fact, it’s almost insulting that Amazon would even think that booksellers would fall for a ploy to steal their customers. Nice try Amazon, but this time, you lose.

Ever since I started my classes for graduate school, I’ve learned just how evil this company is and the impact they have had on the publishing and bookselling industry. Furthermore, it’s not even something that publishers and booksellers can avoid. In order for publishers to sell more books, they have to sell through Amazon since the rise of Amazon has decreased the amount of people in bookstores. On top of that, Amazon takes advantage of this fact by taking a pretty substantial cut. It eventually gets to the point where publishers barely make any sort of profit by selling their books on Amazon, but what are they going to do. Amazon is the Walmart of online shopping.

On top of this, consumers no longer understand the value of books. Since Amazon cuts the prices so much consumers actually believe that books are worth $9.99 when really they are worth $14.95. Amazon even has an app that consumers can use while in the bookstore that will tell them whether or not the book is cheaper on their site. Even when consumers do end up in the bookstore Amazon has still found a way to steal customers. What this all comes down to is changing the minds of consumers and making them realize that books are really worth more than Amazon sells them and to also inform them that buying from bookstores or directly on publisher’s sites actually keeps their favorite publishers in business.

I believe that all of use readers out there need to work on changing our buying habits and possibly those of others. Try to buy from local bookstores as much as possible and buy straight from the publisher’s page from indie book publishers (if they have that set up). Just changing these habits will improve the industry and maybe even the quality of work that is put out there. I know it’s more expensive, but do we really want to see indie bookstores go out of business? Just imagine how much we would miss the atmosphere and personal recommendations of staff if bookstores go the way of the dinosaur. I can’t imagine a world without bookstores and I hope others feel the same way I do.

Shop smart, and know that every purchase decision is a vote. Vote for bookstores, not Amazon.


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