Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann


Rating: 4/5

I must say that I don’t believe I have read a book with as many different stylistic forms of writing than this one. Every character had their own voice which actually helped keep the characters straight. Never once was I confused as to whether or not a different person was talking since they were all so distinct.

While I can see how the sheer amount of voices and characters could have easily become out of hand, I believe that McCann manages to bring the story together wonderfully through the event of the tightrope walking across the Twin Towers. Every story tied into this event which made it easier to see how these characters connected to each other and kept me fully aware of where in time I was since the majority of the story takes place on the same day.

Overall, I believe that McCann did a wonderful job of showing just how interconnected the world we live in really is, even if the connection is minute and how, like the tightrope walker, we are all trying to keep our balance in a topsy-turvy world, but with some luck and determination we will make to the other side.


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